Each outdoor lighting project must be custom-designed to meet the needs of each space. Prilux offers a wide variety of products to achieve optimal lighting in gardens and green areas.

Make the Most of Your Outdoors with Prilux

For creating cozy atmospheres and gathering areas in gardens and outdoor spaces, Prilux offers a wide range of decorative luminaires such as NIZA, SURA, and GRECO, as they have an IP65 rating, making them the perfect choice for outdoor durability. Additionally, they are available in a color temperature of 3000K/4000K, depending on the installation needs of the space.

Walkways and Transit Areas: The Importance of Optimal Visibility

Direct lighting plays a fundamental role as a guide when moving through outdoor areas when natural light is no longer available. Prilux offers an ideal range for outdoor pathway lighting such as Merk and Hank, wall-mounted luminaires that provide the perfect lighting for walkways along with the Catt, the garden spike light.

Solar Lighting: Total Savings on Your Bill

Solar luminaires have become the perfect choice for outdoor lighting. Prilux offers a family of solar garden lights such as Summet, Kera, and Hadar, the Draco spotlight, and the street light Vorona and Vorona Switch with color temperature selector, for more residential areas.

These luminaires come with an integrated presence and light sensor for optimal solar energy use. Additionally, with an IP65 protection rating, they are the perfect model to provide the best performance in gardens and outdoor areas.

Refreshing Lighting: Illuminate Your Pools

Pool luminaires must have specific characteristics that provide an appropriate level of protection. The Prilux HYDRA AVANT and AGUA AVANT luminaires are ideal for this type of installation, available in different power levels (25KW and 22/20KW) and with a 5000K temperature, perfect for illuminating pools, ponds, and fountains with the ISEO model.

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