ORBIS completes its range of electric vehicle chargers with the launch of its new line for public environments, which includes the VIARIS LANDER and VIARIS GRAVITY models in DC and VIARIS CITY + in AC. All of them provide efficient, accessible, and robust solutions to current needs for electrifying mobility.

VIARIS GRAVITY, Flexible, Compact, and Powerful

VIARIS GRAVITY is a fast charger with a 30 kW power output that provides charging speeds similar to those of large stations but in a compact size. It is ideal for charging between 30 minutes and 2 hours, reaching 200 km of autonomy per hour of charging. It is easy to install, simple, compact, and easy to operate.

  • Reinforced structure specially designed for outdoor installation. IP55/IK10.
  • 10.1’’ touchscreen with high-visibility LED signals.
  • Maximum safety. Emergency button to be used in case of need to stop the charging immediately.
  • Wall-mounted or pedestal installation.
  • Features CCS2 output or two CCS2 and CHAdeMO outputs.
  • Includes universal communication protocols.
  • Connectivity through Ethernet and 4G included as standard and optional WiFi.

VIARIS LANDER, Powerful, Versatile, and Adaptable

VIARIS LANDER is a fast charger with a 60 kW power output capable of providing 100 km of autonomy to the electric vehicle in just 15 minutes. It is perfect for quick charging in both public places like parking lots and service stations and private locations like corporate fleets, car-sharing services, and shopping centers.

Its main features include:

  • Integration capacity as it is prepared to integrate with all charging management platforms.
  • Maximum accessibility, with various facilities to access charging, including access code, RFID cards, and credit cards via POS.
  • Robustness allowing outdoor installation with IK10 and IP55 protection.
  • Versatility, allowing simultaneous charging in two outputs, both in DC and AC.

VIARIS CITY +, the Most Robust and Versatile Charger Especially Designed for Outdoor Use in Public Environments

VIARIS CITY + is the new electric vehicle charging system that features two 22 kW three-phase outputs with a Type 2 connection base with maximum security protected with shutters.

Some of its features are:

  • Efficient, fast, and sustainable charging of two vehicles simultaneously (22 kW + 22 kW).
  • Includes a DC leakage detection system as standard.
  • Incorporates the exclusive functionality (OEPM Utility Model No 202230298) that allows the selection of smart phases, automatically changing the vehicle charging from three-phase to single-phase, based on energy consumption or solar generation.
  • Provides extra lighting with 107 lux on the ground and 160 lux in power sockets.
  • Versatile, including a 16-module DIN rail space to accommodate electrical protections.

Everything you need to know about VIARIS GRAVITY, VIARIS LANDER, and VIARIS CITY + can be found at: